Individual Functional Synthesis (FS) Lessons


Lessons in NeuroMovement®/ABM can be given as individual, hands-on sessions (Functional Synthesis or FS), and are approximately 45 minutes).

“I have seen remarkable growth in my son, both socially and emotionally in addition to the improvement in his movement and coordination in the time that he has been working with Justin.”

A. Repetti


“(This) has really helped body 

awareness and improved my yoga.” Brenda Harper


“Subtle is so powerful—a great lesson...Little movements are teaching movements.” 

Marsha Marshall

Group Transformational Movement Lessons (TML)


TMLs are guided, practiced movement lessons, centered around a theme or pattern of movement. They are done either in sitting, lying or standing and involve movement with specific attention to yourself as you move.

“Once I was a tight ball and after one session, I feel more open and aware of every part of my body.”

Melissa Wolosyn


"This heightens one’s awareness of movement, body parts, breathing… expands the range of possibilities of different movements…to relax and experience a wider range of doing that crosses over into other avenues. Worthwhile.” 

Michael Rogalski