NeuroMovement®/The Anat Baniel Method(sm)

Through individual and group lessons in the Anat Baniel Method(sm) of NeuroMovement® you can learn how to discover new or forgotten ways to move your body .

These lessons have helped people overcome pain, reverse the symptoms of aging, re-discover vitality, improve performance and discover the joy and pleasure of movement. Musicians improve their playing, golfers improve their stroke, injured athletes go back to their sport with renewed balance, agility and strength. With the Anat Baniel Method for Children, children and adults with neurological/developmental difficulties are led to undiscovered ways of learning and functioning.


Creates harmony in body and mind.

NeuroMovement®/ABM is based on the cutting-edge scientific theory of brain plasticity:  the understanding of how the brain is capable of constantly learning and developing. Movement and the awareness of self are the main means for communicating with the brain in order to bring about potent learning and change.  

Participation in the lessons greatly enhances flexibility, strength, coordination and well being. 

When you introduce new or forgotten movements to allow use of more of your skeleton and musculature you can find easier ways to perform with less effort and better distribution of effort throughout your entire body. This can lead to more fluid, easy and powerful movement. 


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